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An – mo: « soothe with touch »


The Amma seated massage is a massage technique performed with clothes on, on a ergonomic chair, without oil. Pressures, stretchings, percussions and sweepings are executed on the back, the neck, the head, the arms and the hands of the person. The session lasts between 5 and 30 minutes.


The Amma massage comes traditionally from Japan and surrogates the ancestor of modern shiatsu. The seated Amma massage has been shaped in the United States in the 1980’s by David Palmer -inventor of the ergonomic massage chair and exclusive partner of Xavier Court’s massage school- ; the layout and duration of the sessions were intended to match the corporate world: stress management, relaxing of muscle tensions, improvement of mood and better team cohesion.


Both relaxing and energizing, this massage est ideal for effectively benefiting  from the advantages of a massage. It requires little time and space and therefore is perfect for businesses, public and private events.

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