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Inspirations from far away

Just like an invitation to a journey towards new horizons, I propose here the result of my learning in Asia, through wellness massages as taught in their home countries by local practitioners in accredited schools.



Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India and its name literally means «science of life». This thousand years’ tradition is holistic, which means that it considers every aspect of the individual including their living environment. It aims both to heal the person from illnesses and to maintain them in good health.


Ayurveda advocates a back-to-a-healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet, meditation and breathing exercises. It showcases a whole natural pharmacopoeia administrated to the patient, especially through massage. These are very diversified and adapted to the needs of the person.

I propose here an abhyanga massage protocol, according to the Veda Nursing House of Kumily and the Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care of Trivandrum. It’s a global and dynamic massage, made with organic hot oil.


Thailand and Cambodia

Thai massage is given fully clothed on a soft futon. As a real «passive yoga» session, Thai Massage is rooted in Indian and Chinese cultures from which he has inherited techniques, between deep stretching and acupressure. Based on an energetic vision of health, it is both preventive and therapeutic and helps to soften the body whilst providing great relaxation.


Khmer massage has traditionally been designed to invigorate monks’ bodies after long periods of meditation and rest. Softer than Thai massage, it it also practiced fully clothed on a futon. Khmer massage has fewer mobilizations than its neighbor but its stretches allow loosening of body tensions for a real physical and mental relaxation.


My training in these two approaches being so far on a beginner level, I propose here a rather soft massage inspired by these two traditions. The massage can be global or partial and is adapted to your flexibility and your needs. Soft and comfortable clothes are required to ensure the smooth running of the massage.



Just as Thai massage, Balinese massage is soaked up with both Indian and Chinese traditions. Simultaneously both and light, it combines stretching, pressures and techniques that are both tonic and soft, designed to energize and relax the person.


This approach is traditionally combined with essential oils, which benefits complement the properties of the massage. I propose here a massage as taught at Spa Bali International Academy (SBIA), with special organic scented massage oils.


In order to prevent any discomfort, no essential oil is used during my massages.