Gift vouchers

Valid during 12 months and for all services offered.

Price: 30€ · 60€ · 80€

Duration: 30 minutes · 60 minutes · 90 minutes


Two options here: your gift vouchers can be available on seeded paper (to pay and collect at the massage parlor) or digital (to pay online and keep on your mobile phone)!

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The first session is not representative of all benefits the Gestalt Massage® can offer; progressiveness allows to grasp all its richness.

For each massage, the 10th session is free of charge if the previous 9 sessions have been done within 12 months.


A session canceled within 24 hours preceding the appointment must be paid.

Gestalt Massage®

Duration: 60 minutes · 90 minutes
Price: 60€ · 80€

Gestalt Massage® and eating disorders

It is a 10 sessions’ package, renewable if required

Duration: 10 x 90 minutes (approximately 60 minutes massage)
Price: 720€ (9 x 80€, the 10th session is free of charge)

Gestalt Massage® children/teenagers

For the youngest, a parent can stay in the room or in an adjacent room during the massage.

Duration: varies depending on the person
Price: 1€/minute, 80€ for a full session

Seated Amma Massage

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 30€

Massages from Asia

Duration: 60 minutes · 90 minutes
Price: 60€ · 80€

For low-incomes

Well-being shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for a wealthy clientele.
For people looking for a job or students struggling financially, I propose a special rate. The price is set together, so that it is right for both you and me.