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Gestalt Massage® and eating disorders


Empty body, painful body, fooling bodytrapped in the cycle of anorexia and other eating disorders, the body is deeply and in many ways undermined.

This process is destructive and painful, both for the person going through it and their family and friends, and must be taken care of by a competent medical and therapeutic team.

Performed with softness, patience and kindness, Gestalt Massage® appears here as an accompaniment of choice. The sessions are adapted to this issue and focused on welcoming and listening to the person.


Being caring and present, here and now, letting the body express what it has storedLike an invitation to return to oneself and to bodily and emotional sensations, massage can be a break during which the person can observe and share what is going on for them, allowing a new and right awareness of the limits of their body, in order to better recognize and accept it.


This approach is done in progressiveness and in spirit of « co-construction » between the person and the masseur – which is a core element of Gestalt Massage®.


The accompaniment consists of a 10 sessions’ cycle during which we observe what « is », what is changing… The cycle is renewable, depending on the need and wishes of the person.